When it comes to plastic surgery, selecting the right surgeon is the most important step you’ll take. Having a certified and licensed doctor working with you is crucial to achieving the results you want, but it’s especially important for your comfort and safety. Doing research on your chosen doctor, asking the right questions, and looking out for red flags will help ensure you have the highest quality experience when you finally do select your plastic surgeon.

Here are a few tips to finding the right surgeon for you:

Do some research on plastic surgeons who specialize in your desired procedure

From fillers to earlobe repairs, there are many different surgical and nonsurgical procedures that a plastic surgeon can perform. However, not all surgeons specialize in the same procedures, which is why it’s crucial to find a doctor who regularly performs the work you’re looking to have done,. If you’re interested in a facial procedure, for example, you want to look for a surgeon whose specialty is the area from the neck up. A surgeon with extensive history performing  a specific procedure can also be a good indicator they have the experience to deliver excellent results!

In order to achieve those excellent results, you’ll need to feel comfortable with the right doctor, learn whether you’re healthy enough for a procedure, familiarize yourself with the recovery process, and much more. By scheduling a consultation with a surgeon, you can meet them in person and get direct answers to all of your questions. You’re likely to feel more comfortable with your surgeon and confident in their work after meeting face-to-face and establishing trust.

Key aspects to consider when deciding on a plastic surgeon:

  • Patient Reviews: Positive reviews from patients are a great indicator of the type of experience and results you can expect from a surgeon. Reviews can be found on different medical review sites such as Vitals or Care Dash, general review sites including Yelp and Google My Business, or a doctor’s website. You could also ask your network of friends and family who have had work done in the past for recommendations. Getting a positive review or recommendation from someone you trust can help you to feel more confident in the surgeon you choose to work with.
  • Red Flags: There are many ways to spot something fishy in a doctor’s practice, and we go into more detail on this topic in a past blog. As a quick recap, the top three red flags to look for are:
    • 1) Negative reviews: Sure, there are sometimes customers who are unhappy with a service, but if most of the surgeon’s reviews are negative, that’s a quick no.
    • 2) Certification: If a surgeon is NOT certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or does not hold a medical license, do not let them perform work on you.
    • 3) Unnecessary Upselling: Surgeons are there to help you achieve the change you desire, not to pressure you into getting more done than necessary! If you feel your surgeon is focusing too much on upselling, this is a big red flag.
  • Affiliations and Accomplishments: Accolades are certainly a plus for any professional, especially doctors. You can often find professional affiliations or awards/accomplishments on the “about” page of their website. This information gives further weight to the credibility of your potential surgeon, and you can read about their past successes.

Come prepared with questions for your doctor!

When you’re set on a particular procedure, you’ll likely have questions for your surgeon. From pricing to side effects, to overall experience and reviews, there is a lot you’ll want to know before getting started. Some of the top questions to keep in mind for your consultation may include:

  • 1) How should I prepare for my procedure?
  • 2) Do you have any before and after photos of patients who went through the same procedure?
  • 3) Are there any potential risks or side effects I might experience from the procedure?

For more procedure-specific questions, visit Dr. Stallworth’s FAQ page, where patients’ top questions are organized based on treatment type for easier reference.

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