The holidays are only a few months away. But before you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, consider treating yourself first! Having cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures done during the holidays can give you much needed time off to recover from surgery and help you start the new year feeling refreshed. 

Here are the top reasons the holidays are the perfect time to invest in plastic surgery. 

Extra time off makes it easier to plan a procedure

The last few weeks of the year usually come with a holiday break from work and most routine responsibilities. With this extra time off, you won’t have to use too many vacation days to plan for a procedure that may take extensive time to recover from. Plus if you have kids, you won’t have to rearrange your schedule (or theirs) too much since schools are out at this time too.

 You can ease into the recovery stage

Every procedure entails a recovery stage afterward, and extra downtime during the holidays provides a perfect opportunity to allow your body to get back to normal. Although most procedures are safe and minimally-invasive, there is also a small chance you may experience side effects that require more rest and recovery than usual. The last few weeks of the year are a perfect time to rest, relax, and allow your body to feel 100% refreshed before going back to work. 

You’ll be fully healed as you start the new year

By scheduling your consultation before the end of the year, you’ll be able to kick off 2022 with your new look. Depending on recovery time for your specific procedure, you’ll likely be fully healed by the spring and able to enjoy sunnier days.

Less sunlight means easier recovery

For most facial cosmetic procedures, post-procedure recovery requires avoiding direct sunlight, which can negatively impact your body’s ability to heal and cause more prominent scarring. Because of this, some patients prefer scheduling their procedures during winter months. It’s much easier (and comfortable) to stay indoors during the more frigid months. And if you must leave your house, winter months have shorter and more overcast days, making it less likely you’ll encounter too much sunlight. (Plus, the colder air may help reduce swelling!)

Ready to get started? 

Although the holiday season still seems far off, it’ll be here faster than you know! Now is the best time to make sure you get on our schedule before the end of the year. Give Dr. Stallworth’s office a call at 210-997-3223, or schedule your consultation online.