We asked our social media followers to send in their plastic surgery questions, and they came up with really great ones! Keep reading to get answers to FAQs from the Stallworth Facial Plastics community. Part 1 can be found here. 

What age can a teenage girl get esthetic nose surgery?

For anyone undergoing aesthetic nasal surgery, it is best to delay until someone has reached skeletal maturity. For young women that maybe as early as 15 years old and young men 16 to 17 years old. In general, the older you are the better. Every case is different though.

Do you do revision rhinoplasty? If so, what does this entail?

 Absolutely! One of the surgeries I do most often. Challenging but very rewarding.  It is difficult to generalize what this entails as every patient is different.  Much of what is done depends on what surgery was done before, by whom, at what age, etc.  Sometimes new tissue is needed, and there are often problems that have to be remedied to correct both the appearance and the function of the nose.  Every nose is unique which is part of the challenge and the attraction to performing rhinoplasty!

How much does it usually cost to get rhinoplasty?

Cost includes a surgeon’s fee, a facility fee, and the cost for the anesthesiologist. For a first time surgery with no complex factors, the total cost is approximately $8,500-9000. 

What is an approximate % of men opting for cosmetic procedures with your practice? What procedures do they typically get done? 

Generally 20% or so are men, but thats increasing.  Men are more interested in hair restoration than women, but in general have similar concerns.  They dislike their necks, like improvements around the eyes, and even are interested in volume restorations and rhinoplasty.  The difference isn’t so much in the procedures themselves, but in the manner in which surgery is done / goals of surgery.  For example, eyes can take on a more masculine or more feminine appearance.  For a man seeking to rejuvenate his eyes, yet maintain his masculinity and look like themselves, eyelid surgery should be carried out with different goals in mind . . . otherwise a more feminine eye can be created on a masculine face!  The same is true of noses.  Gender, gender identity, age, ethnicity  . . . . these are all factors that have to be taken into consideration in all of facial plastic surgery.

What is the price of a consultation? And how far in advance should it be scheduled? 


Any additional questions? 

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