Top 5 Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job or nose surgery, is one of the most popular facial plastic procedures in the world. This procedure alters the nose shape for either aesthetic purposes (cosmetic), functional purposes (to improve quality of life), or both.

What You Should Know About Rhinoplasty
A rhinoplasty may be performed surgically or non-surgically, depending […]

Lip Fillers: What to Expect Before and After

Lip fillers are an extremely popular way to increase the volume of your lips. The application process is know as lip augmentation and has seen an uptick in popularity recently thanks to its convenience and effectiveness. When done properly, it not only adds volume but improves the shape and structure of lips as well.
Dr. Stallworth […]

Stress and Its Effect on Your Skin

Skincare becomes more important as we age, making women particularly more interested in finding appropriate measures to have flawless-looking skin. Our skin plays a big role in our confidence, becoming our best friend or an enemy, which is why sunscreen is one of the most important skincare items on the market. 
However, the look of our […]

Does BOTOX prevent aging?

BOTOX® is known for its effectiveness reducing the appearance of wrinkles, but does BOTOX® prevent aging? The injection of this filler freezes facial muscles to decrease signs of aging, and many patients choose it over other more permanent procedures.
However, recent studies show that BOTOX® is not as “temporary” as many might think. It turns out BOTOX® could […]

Questions To Ask During Your First Consultation

If you’re feeling nervous about plastic surgery or have doubts about a procedure, it’s extremely helpful to know the right questions to ask your doctor before going in to the first consultation. By coming into your consultation well-prepared, your surgeon can recommend the right procedure for what you want done and ease your anxiety, helping […]

Functional vs. Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery, is one of the most popular facial plastic procedures in the United States. What you may not know going into an initial consultation is that rhinoplasty serves different purposes depending on how it is performed. It might involve altering the nose shape for aesthetic purposes (cosmetic), or optimizing function […]

Plastic Surgery For Men

In today’s society, many men desire to look young, fit, and fashionable, just as many women do.  Although men’s objectives are individualized and vary depending upon factors such as age, lifestyle, complexion, and budget, many times facial plastic procedures offer potential opportunities to meet men’s goals. 
Dr. Stallworth has in-depth experience with popular facial plastic procedures […]

Ideal Plastic Surgery Combinations

Combining plastic surgery procedures is very common among patients. Patients often opt to combine procedures in order to not only ensure they treat all of their areas of concern, but also maximize the results from a single surgical recovery and minimize expense. Some procedures pair better together than others due to their similarity in process […]

Top 10 Questions About BOTOX ®

You’ve probably heard of BOTOX ®, one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world.  Known for its great results in eliminating wrinkles and restoring youth, it’s also associated with many questions and misconceptions. 
In the following blog, Dr. Stallworth shares the answers to some of the Frequently-Asked-Questions regarding BOTOX ®.

1) What exactly is BOTOX? 

Recovering After Eyelid Surgery

As humans, when we showcase our emotions, whether it’s anger, surprise, or joy, we do so through our eyes. Eyebrows have a big impact on the emotions we express through our facial expressions.  Time, skin aging, and bone loss, all lead to gradual eyebrows descent causing them to fall lower on the forehead.
If you’ve ever […]

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