The Surprising New Facial Trend

The latest trend in facial plastic surgery is making its way from the dazzling smiles of countless celebrities. No, not lip injections—dimpleplasty. Yeah, you read that right. More and more millennials are chasing the darling dimples that celebrities like Ariana Grande and Miranda Kerr share.

What is dimpleplasty?
While this interesting facial plastics procedure is still […]

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How to Achieve Glowing Skin

Why Our Skin Can Look Dull
Healthy, glowing skin is something that all of us desire, yet some of us rarely achieve. Despite our efforts to maintain a healthy complexion, there are some variables that we simply cannot control. Here are a few reasons why our skin can begin to look dull over time:

Dead Skin […]

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Skin Solutions

Why is our skin important?
Our skin is our body’s largest organ system and is responsible for protecting us from the outside world. Extreme temperatures, physical trauma, bacteria and viruses, solar radiation and even chemicals all pose a threat to our bodies. It provides the first line of defense against all of these dangers. Skin also […]

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Three Facial Laser Treatments to Consider This Year

If you have deep wrinkles, sun spots, or lines on your face that you wish you could get rid of, but don’t want to go under the needle to do so, there is another solution. Laser treatments are becoming progressively more popular throughout the plastic surgery industry because of their non-invasive nature.  Here are three […]

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