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Get natural plastic surgery results and address imperfections in virtually every feature of your face.

Is Plastic Surgery Right for you?

Stallworth Facial Plastic Surgery San Antonio specializes in procedures designed to correct imperfections and address health implications. 

Both surgical and non-surgical procedures will start with a private consultation, where you and your San Antonio plastic surgeon, Dr. Stallworth, will discuss your needs and vision for the procedure. From there, he will determine a custom approach to best exceed your expectations. 

Once the procedure is completed, you may face a brief recovery period so your body can heal. Soon, you’ll be on your way to a more confident, beautiful future. Ideal candidates for facial plastic surgery include individuals who:

  • Are looking to correct facial imperfections
  • Are seeking relief from health-related issues
  • Are in overall good health

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San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery Services
Take your imperfect nose and transform it into an aesthetically pleasing one that balances and blends with other features of the face.
Face lifting is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to reposition, elevate, and tighten the support layers below the skin in the lower face and neck. Results include looking years younger and regaining that confidence you once had. 
If you suffer from nasal obstruction, Dr. Stallworth will identify the root causes of your obstruction and devise a treatment plan, surgical or non-surgical, so that your breathing quality is drastically improved. 

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People suffer from a vast array of disfigurements that alter their appearance and may also disrupt their bodily functions. Reconstructive Surgery will correct imperfections so confidence and functionality are restored completely.
Patient Testimonial

“I was looking for a [plastic surgeon] to do a fat transfer/grafting procedure to my face and Dr. Stallworth was recommended to me by a friend. I had consultations with two plastic surgeons, one of them being Dr. Stallworth. There was a huge difference between the consultations. When I arrived at Dr. Stallworth’s office, the staff was very friendly and I went into an exam room immediately and only waited a few minutes for the doctor. During my consultation, he spent over an hour discussing what I was looking for, talking about options and showing some pictures he had handy at the time...I was impressed with the amount of time and attention he gave me and answered any questions I had...I was reassured and scheduled my surgery. I can’t say enough good things about this team! I won’t go anywhere else now.”

Maryjane Q.

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