As we age, our hair naturally falls out at a more progressive rate. This often results in receding hairlines and extreme balding; which can both be disconcerting occurrences. Over time, balding only worsens and is unable to be naturally reversed. However, technological advances in cosmetic surgery have found a way to rewind the clock. If you’re one of the 50 million men or 30 million women that suffer from male/female pattern baldness or thinning hair, there’s a new solution that can help you regain thick and lush locks! NeoGraft hair transplant is your answer to getting back full hair, a strong hairline and most importantly—your confidence.

NeoGraft Hair Transplantation

What is a NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

NeoGraft hair transplantation is an increasingly popular procedure that restores hair follicles to the balding areas of the scalp for a natural-looking appearance. NeoGraft is a minimally invasive hair transplant technique that patients prefer due for various reasons, including:

  • Little to no discomfort (no scalpel involved)
  • Minimally invasive procedure (no stitches or staples needed)
  • Rapid recovery time (resume normal lifestyle within a few days)
  • Natural looking hairline (no linear scars)

The NeoGraft hair transplantation method uses Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to gently remove follicles from the back of the head (the donor area) in their natural occurring groups of about 1-4 hairs. It then precisely and artistically implants the follicles of hair into the balding areas of the scalp. This will give you a discrete and natural-looking hair transplant that complements your current hairline and facial structure. The removal and replacement of hair follicles is precise, meaning you’ll get the exact look you desire.

No matter your age, gender, hair-type or advancement of hair loss, NeoGraft can correct the hands of time and bring you back to the full head of hair you once had. Wear your hair long or short, and restore your locks to their youthful glory. Aging brings many challenges, but losing your hair or your confidence doesn’t have to be one of them.

What Makes NeoGraft Hair Transplantation Different?

NeoGraft Hair Transplantation utilizes FUE, the most advanced approach in the hair transplant industry. With NeoGraft, your results look natural because they are natural. Unlike wigs or weaves, your own hair is being transferred from your dense areas to your bald areas; creating a unified and seamless appearance.

Even more so, NeoGraft is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t require scalpel incisions or staples. Traditional hair transplantation methods like “strip” harvesting require a scalpel to remove a strip of your scalp that has lush hair to harvest the follicles. This method is painful, bloody, requires an extensive healing process and leaves permanent scars. With NeoGraft, follicles are extracted individually and at the root, so healing is easy and no carving tools are required.

neograft hair transplant

Choosing a Surgeon You Can Trust

hair transplant dr stallworthAt Stallwoth Facial Plastics, you can always expect to be understood through all of your needs and requests. Dr. Stallworth strives to provide an individualized surgical plan and result based on your unique interests, gender, age, and identity. Having performed this procedure on numerous patients, he is highly familiar with the process and will work with you every step of the way to ensure you end up with results you love. If you are interested in a NeoGraft hair transplant procedure suited to your specific desires, schedule a consultation with Dr. Stallworth today.