Millennials Are Ushering In a New Wave of Rhinoplasty

In 2018, we are living in an age which celebrates individualism, embraces differences, and encourages body positivity. Because of this revolutionary shift in mentality, it’s no surprise that trends in rhinoplasty are following suit in a dramatic way.

Traditionally, rhinoplasty was thought of as a way to change one’s self in attempt to achieve a specific, widely agreed upon, beauty standard. Most women determined that a sleek, slim and small nose was the desirable look that all should have. Despite having to sacrifice their natural features and distinctions to obtain this, it was common to want a completely new appearance. Conformity once dominated the facial plastic surgery industry, leading men and women to chase an identical and often altering image.

However, millennials are showing the rhinoplasty industry just how much they value their different and unique noses by opting to enhance, not replace, their current looks.

The Evolution of Beauty Standards

Beauty standards are leaning increasingly further away from a “one-size-fits-all” ideal. Instead, many people are more interested in improving themselves while still preserving the special features that make them unique.

It is becoming progressively common for those seeking rhinoplasty to want to make certain changes that refine their natural beauty. Some patients prefer to reduce the size and shape of their noses, whereas others may choose to add volume and even atypical distinctions. Similarly, patients are interested in reverse rhinoplasty; where they yearn to retrieve the features they sacrificed in a previous procedure they had when they were younger and more susceptible to influence.

As the interpretation of beauty becomes more broad and undefined, it is paving the way for individuals to embrace their uniqueness and take pride in the features that make them stand out. Beauty looks and feels different on everyone, which is why it is so important to appreciate the differences that comprise us. Instead of reaching for an outdated standard of perfection, more patients are choosing to use rhinoplasty to enhance their uniqueness and self expression.

Choosing a Surgeon You Can Trust in San Antonio

At Stallwoth Facial Plastics, you can always expect to be understood through all of your needs and requests. Dr. Stallworth strives to provide an individualized surgical plan and result based on your unique interests, gender, ethnicity, function and identity. If you are interested in a rhinoplasty procedure in San Antonio suited to your specific desires, schedule a consultation with Dr. Stallworth today.