Cosmetic surgery can address imperfections in virtually every feature of the face: the nose, cheeks, chin, ears, eyes and eyebrow. From minor improvements to major procedures, don’t wait any longer to get the face you want.

nose job san antonioRhinoplasty, or nasal re-shaping surgery, is arguably the most challenging and complex operation in facial plastic surgery. The nose is a defining feature of the face.

facelift san antonioBased on your facial analysis and individualized goals, Dr. Stallworth will devise a personalized treatment plan that’s not only right for you, but helps to maintain a youthful, natural appearance. Rejuvenation procedures cannot stop the process of aging, but they do aim to restore a younger, more vibrant “you” by resetting the clock of aging. Together, Dr. Stallworth can help you regain a vibrant, refreshed facial appearance.

eyebrow & eyelids surgery san antonioThere are a number of techniques that can be used alone or together to help rejuvenate your eyes and bring balance to your face.  Dr. Stallworth can help you understand your options and tailor a treatment plan that is right for you.

sinus surgery san antonioAs a board certified facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist (ear, nose, & throat surgeon), he will identify the root causes of your obstruction and devise a treatment plan, surgical or non-surgical, to help restore your breathe of fresh air!  Trust your nose to a board-certified nasal surgeon!

otoplasty san antonioThe external ear, or pinna, is comprised of cartilage and overlying skin.  It can be subdivided into specific anatomic parts including the helix, antihelix, tragus,antitragus, and lobule.  These structures are separated from one another by hollow recesses, the largest of which, the concha cavum, is formed by the conchal cartilage.  Like our noses, our external ear traits are inherited and help to convey our unique outward appearance.

Chin augmentation san antonioChin augmentation, or chin enhancement surgery, is a common procedure performed to add projection and prominence to the chin. When indicated, a stronger chin will improve jawline contour, the upper neck in profile, and more importantly, bring balance and harmony to the face.

earlobe surgery san antonioPatients often seek ear lobe repair for several primary reasons.  Traditionally, the downward pull of heavy earrings can stretch and elongate the ear lobe.  As the skin and soft tissues weaken over time, the pierced hole can become larger and may eventually tear through the weakened tissue.  This tends to happen in older patients after years of heavy earring use. A similar tear can also occur more abruptly from trauma.

35561005_sAs a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Stallworth is skilled in each of these areas, and has dedicated a significant portion of his practice to the restoration of facial anatomy and function compromised by cancers, trauma, and congenital deficits.  He will help guide you in the restoration of your self-image and confidence after otherwise devastating experiences.

If you’re looking for a great cosmetic surgeon in San Antonio, TX, or more information about facial surgical procedures, contact Dr. Stallworth today.