Ways To Enhance Your Facelift

If you recently went through a facelift surgery, congratulations on your new youthful look! Now that you’ve taken the plunge, you are probably wondering how to enhance the results. With the significant investment of time and energy that go into a facelift, it’s only natural to want to preserve your new look for as long […]

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What Type of Facelift is Right For You?

The facelift procedure is one of the more popular procedures performed by plastic surgeons today, and continues to be a wonderful solution for patients looking to turn back time and address the unwanted signs of aging. However, there are different types of facelifts for patients to consider when they visit the practice of Dr. Christian […]

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Facelift and Neck Lift 101

Despite our best efforts, our body tissues loose strength and our skin’s elasticity decreases over time. Gravity causes skin and tissue to descend lower in the face, resulting in an aged appearance.  We have bone and fat tissue volume loss.  Skin suffers from changes induced by UV-light. Aging of the face and neck is a […]

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Tips When Getting a Facelift

Typically facelifts are performed when patients want their skin to look younger and tighter. The surgery, though, involves much more than skin.  In fact, the majority of the surgery is focused on tightening muscles, fascia, and repositioning or sculpting of the facial fat compartments.  Facelifts can revitalize your appearance and, with the right techniques, result […]

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Everything to Know Before a Facelift

Facelifts remain one of the top cosmetic surgeries performed in the U.S. They are formally defined as, “a surgical procedure that lifts and tightens facial tissues and may involve removing excess skin and smoothing out folds or wrinkles.”
If you’re looking for a procedure to revitalize the youthfulness of your face, a facelift may be the way […]

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Is It Time for a Facelift?

What is facial aging?
Facial aging is inevitable.With the passage of time, skin thins and becomes more lax.  Water and connective tissue volumes change and shrink leaving skin deflated.  Tissues like fat, muscle and even bone decrease in volume.  And of course, there is always gravity helping to weigh everything down.  Together, these factors lead to […]

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