The latest trend in facial plastic surgery is making its way from the dazzling smiles of countless celebrities. No, not lip injections—dimpleplasty. Yeah, you read that right. More and more millennials are chasing the darling dimples that celebrities like Ariana Grande and Miranda Kerr share.

What is dimpleplasty?

While this interesting facial plastics procedure is still new to the mainstream, it is quickly gaining popularity amongst the millennial generation. Dimples can add a unique and charming element to any smile. Many young adults are thrilled at the idea of having the two little iconic indentions on your cheeks when they smile.

Fortunately, this procedure is easily obtainable and will not cause a major break in your social schedule. This is a minimally invasive procedure that requires little downtime and generally doesn’t require anesthesia. Dimpleplasty can enhance your facial aesthetics and highlight your face in a new and distinctive way. Depending on your facial anatomy, this procedure can take as little as 30 minutes to complete.

How is it done?

Dimples occur naturally when the skin on the cheek is attached to underlying facial muscles. To recreate this effect, a board certified surgeon would make an incision in the patient’s mouth where the natural dimple would be. They would then attach the muscle to the underlying surface of the skin, creating the “pulled in” look that dimples give. Dimples would then appear when the patient smiled or animated their face, but would not be present when their face is relaxed.

Finding a Surgeon That’s Right For You

While using facial plastic surgery to give you celebrity-like dimples may seem like a new concept, it is growing request within the professional community. At Stallworth Facial Plastics, Dr. Stallworth combines his mastery of art and precision to give you the best look for you personal appearance. To schedule your consultation, contact Dr. Stallworth today.