As we age, our hair naturally falls out at a more progressive rate. This often results in receding hairlines and extreme balding; which can both be disconcerting occurrences. Over time, balding only worsens and is unable to be naturally reversed.  Many times, when you think about getting hair transplants, you’re looking for a safe, minimally invasive procedure that will help you gain your hair (and confidence) back. There are many different alternatives to choose from when it comes to hair transplants, but the one we recommend the most is called NeoGraft ©. 

Throughout the following blog, we share everything you need to know about NeoGraft © and why it’s the ideal way to go when looking to get great-looking hair. 

What is NeoGraft? 

NeoGraft© is a minimally invasive solution, which treats male and female baldness in half the time of any other hair restoration procedure. Great results in less time? Definitely ideal. The NeoGraft© Automated FUE method is safe, comfortable and affordable, also avoiding any possible linear scarring.

Unlike traditional STRIP methods, which involve your surgeon cutting off and removing part of your scalp to replace them on bald areas, NeoGraft © extracts follicular units and repositions them in areas where hair is thinning out. Essentially, it loosens the follicle just enough to stop baldness, without damaging the hair follicle itself. 

How it Works 

NeoGraft© is, as we’ve mentioned, quicker than any other transplant methods, but that does not mean that you’ll be out in a matter of minutes. The NeoGraft© process works in four steps:

  1. Hair Removal – First, your surgeon will remove your hair from the donor area in the back of your head. This area is where your hair is genetically programmed to resist testosterone. 
  2. Dissection of the Follicular Units – Next, each graft will be extracted with the same consistency in diameter and length, which will result in an increased take rate. 
  3. Creation of Recipient Sites – The surgeon will then create recipient sites in the proper angel and orientation, according to the artistic hair transplant plan they will have developed for you. Every plan is customized depending on your own case. 
  4. Placement of the Hair Graft – Finally, the follicular units will be divided by size, and then transplanted into the balding and thinning areas in your scalp. Grafts will be harvested as it would have naturally occurred, ensuring the best results.  

An Ideal Participant 

Knowing wether you’re fit to receive NeoGraft © is not as hard as you’d think. An ideal participant will have adequate hair counts in the donor site, and must be realistic in terms of the results they’re expecting. The number of grafts necessary to produce the results they want, density of donor hair, hair texture, etc, are all important factors to consider when determining your candidacy for NeoGraft ©. 

Main Benefits 

There are many benefits associated with NeoGraft © hair transplants. Not only is it effective and less invasive, but there are other perks such as:

  • Little to no discomfort
  • No sutures or staples used
  • Quick recovery time
  • No scalper incisions
  • Large areas are covered per session
  • Natural-looking hairline (with no scar) 
  • Fewer activity limitations during recovery. 

Get Started! 

Dr. Stallworth strives to provide an individualized surgical plan and result based on your unique interests, gender, age, and identity.  He will work with you every step of the way to ensure you end up with results you love! If you are interested in a NeoGraft hair transplant procedure , schedule a consultation today!